All services are online.No open issues , last issue was 3 months ago on 2nd Email reception (IMAP).
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Website 100%
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Email stack 100%
Email sending (SMTP) 100%
Email reception (IMAP) 100%
2nd Email reception (IMAP) 100%
Internal services 100% 100% 100% 100%
clic-web-01 100%
clic-web-02 100%
clic-mail-03 100%
clic-mail-04 100%
clic-bak-05 0.05
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February 3rd, 2020

Server issue
Affected services: clic-web-02

Our hosting partner, Hetzner, informed us there has been an issue in a maintenance operation. That's why our server was shutdown, they fixed the problem and said it won't happen anymore. This issue is now resolved!


We found this server shutdown without any action taken on our part. The server was properly booted and we are now waiting for an explanation from our provider, Hetzner.